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Ralston Spelling Bee Help Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our first Ralston "Spelling Bee Night - Final Round".  Details and logistics are still being worked out.

The Ralston Spelling Bee has begun in your students ELA classes. Stay tuned for more details for the evening event.

If you would like to help or find out more information, please contact  Jo Kupbens.

Jo Kupbens and Andrea Ganim will chair the event this year to kick it off, with hopes to find a parent(s) to take this on next year. Please consider helping!! 

Volunteer: Incoming 6th Grade Panel CHair

If you have been wanting to help and volunteer, here is your chance! 

We are looking for a volunteer to take on the 6th Grade Panel that happens toward the end of the year for our incoming 5th grade parents.

Our prior chair is happy to help you navigate it! 

Any one interested, or for more information or any questions, please email Jo.

Volunteer: Lunchtime Walkabout

What is the Walkabout Program?

The Ralston Rams Walkabout program is a NEW school supported, parent staffed program that provides a positive adult presence on campus during the lunch recess hour (12:10 - 1:05pm).  Ralston is a growing campus and the additional adult presence on campus is designed to promote citizenship and discourage inappropriate behavior.  It also gives parents the opportunity to volunteer in an area that directly impacts their child by helping to keep the middle school campus feeling safe and secure for everyone.  We are kicking off the program with our 7/8 graders and would MOST welcome our 6th grade families to sign up and help us make this a successful program.

How do I sign up? 

All volunteers must first have their clearance with the school on file and TB certification.

What do I do when I show up? 

Stop by the office, sign in and grab a "Volunteer" badge and a clipboard- this helps identify you as a Walkabout volunteer to students and staff. Third, Walkabout!

Is there help for first-timers? 

Yes! We are happy to go over the program with you and you can even partner up the first time.  If a partner isn't available, just identify yourself as a first-timer in the office.  They love your participation and they will help you out!

Do I need to attend training to volunteer? 

No. There is no formal requirement to participate. However, we'd like to make sure first-timers hear first-hand a couple "rules of the road" from an experienced volunteer.

What if I witness something strange/inappropriate/dangerous?

We have great kids and "situations" are very rare. However, it is important 

to understand that it is NOT your job to resolve any situation. Rather, you are there to report it. Please let the school administrators know directly and they will take care of the situation. Your job is to just be a positive presence - to smile! - and watch over the kids. 

Are there any "dos and don'ts?"

Do be a positive presence, do encourage kids to pick up after themselves at lunch.  Don't intervene in any situations that may come up. Rather, just report them.

Sign up to volunteer here!

Volunteer: HOT LUNCH

We need hot lunch volunteers to distribute about 500 hot lunches that are served each day - that's a lot of hungry children!

We have a staffed on-site Hot Lunch Coordinator but she needs volunteers to help run the program!

You will receive one lunch credit to use for your child each day you work!

Lunch is served in 2 shifts (except on Wednesdays). You can sign up for 1 or 2 consecutive shifts and can work every week, once a month, twice a month, or as many days as you want. 

  • First shift serves 6th graders from 11:00am-12:00pm
  • Second shift services 7th/8th graders from 12:00 pm-1:00pm 
  • Wednesday shift is from 10:00am-10:45 am 


Hot Lunch Volunteers - September/August

Hot Lunch Volunteers - October/November/December

Hot Lunch Volunteers - January/February/March

Hot Lunch Volunteers - April/May/June

Thank you for volunteering to help serve our kids!

Questions?  Contact Hot Lunch Volunteer Co-Coordinators Wanda Was or

Mayuri Panchal.

More Ways To Get Involved

contribute to fund school supplies

May 2019

Dear Ralston Parents:

The last 5 years Ralston has been committed to providing each student with the materials needed to succeed in our programs.

To continue this commitment we are asking each family to donate $50 per child to a Ralston school supply account.

From that fund, we will provide each student with a 1 1⁄2” binder, pencil pouch, blue/red pen, pencil, eraser and glue stick at the beginning of the school year. Students will still use notebooks, journals, binders and so forth, the difference is that we will provide them for classroom use.

Here is why this is a win-win:

  • No trips to the local office supply store at the beginning of the year
  • Each teacher will have his or her unique classroom supply needs met
  • Each teacher will be provided a storage solution in the classroom for these supplies
  • Ralston will have access to school supply catalogs, allowing us to buy in bulk and at a significant discount
  • Students will no longer need to carry around all the materials they might need on any given day

I want to emphasize that this $50 is completely voluntary. We will not track who is and who isn’t donating. However, for this plan to function, we all need to be in it together.

Please be part of the solution. The contributions you provide will go toward supplying all Ralston students with their classroom supplies for the 2019-2020 school year.


Michael Dougherty

Click here for the donation form.