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Most Recent Community Update from Mr. Dougherty
Posted 11/20/20

Dear Ralston Community,

We wanted to thank those of you who were able to attend our community Town Hall Tuesday night. I wanted to follow up and provide a bit more information as well as the link to the Town Hall recording

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been collaborating with our staff to ensure that we have the best return-to-school plan possible.  We want to draw your attention to the highlights of our new Hybrid Model for Ralston:

  • Students will attend school daily for a half-day (on-campus in the morning or on-campus in the afternoon)
  • Students will receive in-person instruction in three subjects each day (ELA, Science, Social Studies) during their on-campus time
  • Students will receive distance learning instruction in three subjects each day (Math, PE, Elective/Composition for grade 6) during their at-home time

You will notice that this leads to the following improvements on our previously adopted Hybrid Model:

  • Students receive instruction in content areas daily for the remainder of the school year (versus receiving in-person instruction in 3 content areas for 1 quarter, then switching to the second set of 3 content areas for the next quarter; PE provided in distance learning for the entire semester on-at-home days)
  • Students will not be on campus for lunch, thereby minimizing the opportunity for cohort mixing
  • Math, PE, and Electives can continue to be heterogeneously grouped across grade levels to maximize options for students

Some of the drawbacks include the following:

  • This model moves us from a 7-period day to a 6-period day
    • 6th graders will lose their elective as we have a double block for ELA (lit & comp will be two periods, taught by two separate teachers)
    • 7th/8th graders will lose one elective as we move to a 6 period day
  • Students will have to travel in the middle of their instructional day

Overall, we believe this model meets the most interests and provides our students with the most consistent instruction in core content areas.  We will be able to provide daily in-person instruction, as well as daily peer-to-peer interaction within cohorts, as well as continue to provide heterogeneous groupings of students as opposed to tracking a cohort by math placement.

If you have questions, please know that any Administrator can help with answers. 

Thanks for all your support! Stay safe and healthy

Michael Dougherty