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Youth Pass Information

Youth Monthly passes on Clipper require an application submission and identification verification process by a SamTrans representative in order to be issued. Clipper Youth applications can be obtained by visiting

Bus Privileges

SamTrans is a public service provided to the students.  It is a privilege to ride the bus, not a right.

When riding SamTrans buses or school field trip buses, students must not engage in behavior that is unsafe, distracting or disruptive.  The safety of all passengers is of utmost importance.  All students are to observe the following rules:

·       Line up, enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner.

·       Remain seated while riding the bus.

·       Speak in a conversational tone, without profanity and excessive noise. Do not deface or damage the bus.

·       Do not eat or drink on the bus.

Violations of the rules may result in loss of bus-riding privileges.

For information regarding the  bus lines that service Ralston, please call 1-800-660-4287.