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Solution Team System

Our school’s social vision

We strive to create an inclusive, safe, and challenging learning environment where students are responsible, accountable, mindful and supportive.  At Ralston we treat each other with respect.


Why we implemented a schoolwide system to stop student bullying

Bullying and harassment stand in the way of our social vision.  Therefore our school has adopted the No Bully System for preventing and responding to harassment and bullying.



Bullying is different from conflict.  It occurs when a student, or group of students, repeatedly try to hurt, humiliate or get power over another less powerful student in any of the following ways; Physical bullying ,Verbal bullying , Cyberbullying, and Relational bullying (when a student excludes or isolates another student through leaving them out, manipulating others against them, or spreading gossip or rumors)


Bullying may at times amount to harassment.  It is harassment to target a student online or face to face because of their actual or perceived disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or because they are associating with a student or group of students with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. 


Our school does not tolerate bullying or harassment for any reason.  You are breaking the law if you harass anyone at our school.  It is a serious breach of the school rules if a student takes revenge or asks someone to threaten or hurt a student that has reported bullying or harassment. 


How students can end bullying

Bullying and harassment cause pain and distress to students and are never justified or excusable as “just teasing” or “just playing.”  When a student stands by doing nothing, or laughs or posts comments online when others bully, they are participating in bullying.  Students are expected to:

  • Value student differences and treat others with respect both online and face-to-face.
  • Ask bullying students to stop when I or others around me are the target of bullying.
  • If I cannot safely stop the bullying, to walk away and seek help from any trusted adult on campus.
  • Never take revenge or ask someone to hurt a student that has reported bullying.

Staff, Teacher and Parent Response to Student Harassment and Bullying

Our school follows the No Bully System for preventing and responding to bullying and harassment

Thank you!


Team PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) wants to extend our thanks to our amazing administration, staff, and parents/guardians for supporting our students in having a RAMtastic school year!  Knowing the high behavioral expectations in place for them, our students are in great shape to make our time together at school truly fantastic.  Our positive school climate will help ensure their ongoing academic progress and sense of community. 


Thank you all for being Responsible, Accountable, Mindful, and Supportive!

Solution Team Levels of Intervention

Level 1 – Prevent & Interrupt

  • If a narent or guardian knows or suspects that their child is being harassed or bullied, encourage your student to ask the bullying to stop or to seek help from any trusted adult on campus.  If this does not solve the situation, contact an Administrator, Counselor, or complete an incident report online as soon as possible. 
  • Parent volunteers who perceive student bullying shall ask respectfully students to stop and notify an Administrator or Counselor of their intervention.
  • If any teacher or staff member witnesses an act of harassment or bullying, he or she shall take immediate steps to intervene and redirect students provided it is safe to do so.


Level 2 – Check in with target of bullying and notify Counselor and Administrator

  • If any staff member knows or suspects that a student is the target of ongoing bullying or harassment (i.e. it has happened more than once and is likely to continue), he or she shall check in separately with the target and the bullying student(s) as soon as reasonably possible.  If this appears to be ongoing bullying or harassment, he or she shall notify Administration or a counselor using an incident report form within 24 hours.


Level 3 – Solution Team, Progressive Discipline and other responses

Our school takes a problem-solving approach to bullying.  We have staff members trained as Solution Coaches to bring together a Solution Team of students and ask them to end bullying situations.

  • If a Solution Team is appropriate, Administration will ask a Solution Coach to meet with target and offer to convene a Solution Team to bring the bullying to an end.
    • A Solution Team consists of about eight students and includes bullying students, bystanders, and students who are positive role models. The target is not part of the team. The Solution Coach records progress using a Solution Team Log and shall report progress to the principal.
  • If additional discipline is appropriate, Administration will meet separately with the target and the bullying student, and involve their parents and teachers when determining consequences.


Level 4 – Implement an Empathy-Building Action Plan

If a pattern of harassment or prejudice is apparent across an entire class or grade, the Solution Coach and other relevant school staff implement a plan to teach respect for differences and create a supportive peer culture.