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Student Government


Welcome to Ralston Middle School Student Government!  With all of the spirit activities, dances, socials, and community service events we organize, we really put the roar in Roaring Rams!

Upcoming Student Activities

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2020-2021 Student Government Application Open

Do you desire to be in Student Government, Yearbook, or WEB (Mentor Program - Where Everyone Belongs) next school year?  If yes, you must complete the two-step application process:

Step 1) Complete and submit this electronic application;

Step 2) Obtain recommendations from three teachers on an electronic form.

This application is the first step in the application process for Student Government, Yearbook, and WEB (Mentor Program-Where Everyone Belongs).  Completing this application does not guarantee placement in these electives.

This application must be submitted by April 24, 2020 at 8 AM to be considered for these electives.

Join Student Government

Teacher:  Mrs. Sanchez

Room B-6

Period 4


There are two ways to become a part of Ralston Student Government.


1.  Become an elected officer: must be a returning 8th grade student (except for 7th grade President) and must receive approval from Administration and Student Council Head Advisor upon completion of the online application, plus have positive teacher letters of recommendation, ASB vote, and experience in student council as a 7th grader is preferred.

         a. Student Council President
         b. Student Council Vice President
         c. Student Council Treasurer
         d. Student Council Secretary
         e. Student Activities Director
         f. Student Council 7th Grade President


2.  Be chosen as a Student Council Member

       * Must complete online application/letter of recommendations
       * Must interview with Head Adviser and Panel

Activities Calendar
Student Government and WEB  - Class of 2020
Student Gov & WEB
Student Government Adviser
Contact Jamie Sanchez  Jamie Sanchez (650) 637-4880 ex: 1696 ELA 6 and Student Government
Meet Our Student Government Advisor, Mrs. Sanchez!

My name is Jamie Sanchez, and I am the Student Government Faculty Adviser and 6th Grade English teacher.  My teaching experience includes college-level instruction to middle school and this is my 5th year running a middle school Student Government program.

For current events going on at Ralston, check out the bulletin boards in the halls, the Ralston Middle School Homepage, or our Instagram account: roarinrams

If you're interested in joining Student Government, applications and elections for the class are held at the end of each year for the following school year. Only 7th and 8th graders can run for office or apply to take the Student Government class as an elective.  If you would like more information about Ralston's Student Government, please send me an email.