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WEB - Where Everybody Belongs

About WEB

Teacher: Mr. Bean

Room 12

Period 4

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs.  It is a full-year elective course for aspiring student leaders.  These WEB leaders become mentors for all 6th graders and any new students throughout the year.  As mentors, WEB leaders work to foster a sense of community at Ralston Middle School where all students feel like they belong.  WEB leaders are often out at 6th grade lunches, where they spend time playing and connecting to 6th graders.  They also work to put on Ralston’s new student orientation and other after-school socials throughout the school year.

2020-2021 WEB Application Now Open!

Do you desire to be in Student Government, Yearbook, or WEB (Mentor Program - Where Everyone Belongs) next school year?  If yes, you must complete the two-step application process:

Step 1) Complete and submit this electronic application;

Step 2) Obtain recommendations from three teachers on an electronic form.

This application is the first step in the application process for Student Government, Yearbook, and WEB (Mentor Program-Where Everyone Belongs).  Completing this application does not guarantee placement in these electives.

This application must be submitted by April 24, 2020 at 8 AM  to be considered for these electives.

WEB and Student Government Leaders
Student Government
Welcome to Ralson, 6th Graders!
WEB Orientation for Incoming 6th Graders

WEB Orientation will take place before school starts in August.  Stay tuned for more information!

Contact the WEB Advisers
  Alan Bean (650) 637-4880 ex: 1612 ELA 8 and WEB
  Fleur Uptegraft (650) 637-4880 ex: 1668 Science 6, Fun with Physics,