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WEB - Where Everybody Belongs

Teacher: Mr. Bean

Room 12

Period 4

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs.  It is a full-year elective course for aspiring student leaders.  These WEB leaders become mentors for all 6th graders and any new students throughout the year.  As mentors, WEB leaders work to foster a sense of community at Ralston Middle School where all students feel like they belong.  WEB leaders are often out at 6th grade lunches, where they spend time playing and connecting to 6th graders.  They also work to put on Ralston’s new student orientation and other after-school socials throughout the school year.

WElcome to Ralston, 6th graders!

Incoming 6th grades: Web Orientation Friday 8/16, 8:00AM-12:00PM

Dear incoming 6th grade families,

We are very excited that your student will be attending Ralston Middle School, and we cordially invite your incoming 6th grade student to this year's WEB Summer Orientation Day, Friday, August 16 at 8 AM.

WEB is a national middle school program that stands for Where Everybody Belongs.  Here at Ralston, we desire that all our students feel a sense of belonging in a supportive community of their peers.  To this end, Ralston's WEB Mentors are hand-picked, dedicated 7th and 8th grade students who work throughout the school year to help sixth graders feel a sense of belonging.

Ralston's WEB Summer Orientation is designed to both welcome and support sixth graders by allowing them to meet their peers, explore Ralston's campus, get to know a few of these WEB Mentors, and have fun!

The following is some information to let your student know what he/she can expect in advance of Ralston's WEB Summer Orientation:

  1. WEB Orientation is on Friday, August 16, from 8 AM to noon at Ralston Middle School.
  2. A pizza lunch will be served.
  3. Your student is encouraged not to bring items like backpacks and purses, as the day is quite active.
  4. Because the day is active, please make sure that your student wears comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

Lastly, this event is for students only, but we encourage you (parents) to attend the 6th grade Welcome BBQ on Tuesday, August 20th at Ralston Middle School.

We look forward to welcoming our new students at Summer Orientation!


The WEB Coordinators,

Ms. Uptegraft and Mr. Bean

WEB & Student Government Leaders

Student Government
Contact the WEB Advisers
Contact Alan Bean  Alan Bean (650) 637-4880 ex: 1612 ELA 8 and WEB
Contact Fleur Uptegraft  Fleur Uptegraft (650) 637-4880 ex: 1668 Science 6, Physics, Study Skills 6