As a department, we wholeheartedly support each other, value collaboration, and strive to help each and every student reach their creative potential (plus we teach the most "awesomest" classes at school). 

2022-2023 Information:

For more information on selecting electives for the 2022-2023 school year please watch the video guides: 6th grade (https://youtu.be/l-6rarm4M7U) 7th/8th Grade (https://youtu.be/UxKbi7TRLBA) or read our FAQ's here: Course Selection FAQ's.

Seventh and eighth-grade students have an open choice of electives.  Sixth-grade students have the option of taking a music course or participating in "The Wheel".

The seventh and eighth-grade electives are Animation Semester, Animation Year, Advanced Orchestra, Ceramics Semester, Art Semester, Art-Ceramics Year, Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Chorale, Debate, French, Guitar, Honors Band, Journalism, Physics, Spanish, Computer Science: Storytech Semester, Computer Science: Storytech Year, Student Government, Symphonic Band, WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), and Yearbook

The sixth-grade electives are Band, Chorus, Orchestra, to the Wheel. The Wheel gives students the opportunity to rotate through several of the elective options that will be offered in 7th and 8th grade so that students can get a taste of electives for their later years at Ralston.  Some of the classes typically offered in the wheel are Fun with French, Digital Literacy, Introduction to Strategy, Introduction to Leadership, Introduction to Animation, and more to come!

8th graders have the option to become a Teacher's Assistant if they are interested.

Please note that while we try our best to accommodate preferences we cannot guarantee that every student gets their first choice of elective interest. Courses are subject to staff availability and schedule restrictions.