Social Studies


The California State Board of Education has worked hard with the Academic Standards Commission to develop history-social science standards that reflect California's commitment to history-social science education. These standards emphasize historical narrative, highlight the roles of significant individuals throughout history, and convey the rights and obligations of citizenship.


6th Grade Social Studies

The 6th grade history program covers a time frame of pre-history through the fall of the Roman Empire, as outlined by the State of California and as adopted by the Belmont-Redwood Shores School Board.

The focus of the program is to show the relationships between ancient cultures and present society.

Emphasis is placed on the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become active and reflective citizens.

The text used is TCI History Alive! The Ancient World


7th Grade Social Studies

The goal of the 7th grade social studies program is to develop literate citizens - individuals with the knowledge, skills, and civic values needed to become active and reflective participants in the world.

Seventh grade students explore the geography and history of world civilizations from the Fall of Rome to the Enlightenment.

By narrowing the chronological focus, students are given the time to take an in-depth multi-cultural look at the world in which they live.

The textbook is History Alive, published by TCI.


8th Grade Social Studies

The history of the United States begins with our nation's earliest settlers and ends with exploration issues related to immigration today.  Topics of study include: European explorers, settlers to America, immigration and its impact on our economy, origins of the U.S. government, how our country works together to promote principles of democracy and the promise of freedom and justice for all.  In-depth study of the constitution is an important course component.  The text is TCI History Alive!

Emphasis is placed on essay writing, daily current event discussions, and preparation for the first year of high school.  Students are expected to understand basic writing principles, basic research skills and possess the desire to learn how important the study of their government is so that they may become contributing members of their society.


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