World Languages

We offer a two-year program in Spanish and French.  Two successful years of middle school world language count as one year of high school credit.  For example, a 7th grader who succeeds at French 1A and then succeeds at French 1B in 8th grade can take French 2 as a 9th grader in high school.  This would put them a year ahead of other students who did not take a middle school language. Students who have prior reading/writing/speaking/grammar experience may be able to place into the 1B class and skip 1A if they show proficiency with 1A material and skills.  Contact a 1B teacher for placement details and to schedule a test.

A world language class is academic in nature, with regular assessments, classwork, and homework assignments.  Participation is crucial to learning a language. In a typical week of class, world language students will learn new phrases and words, practice them in low-risk situations, and do fun activities!


Helpful Links

Carlmont World Language Department

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National Standards for World Language


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