Yearbook Information


How much do yearbooks cost?

Yearbooks cost $55 each.  Personalization, icons, or other extras are available at an additional cost.


How can I pay for a yearbook?

The easiest way to purchase your yearbook is through the Jostens website.  


When is the latest time to buy a yearbook?

Yearbooks can be pre-ordered online throughout the school year. We also expect to have some yearbooks to sell during distribution week in the last few days of school.  However, yearbooks will most likely sell out quickly after distribution day!  Yearbooks have sold out for the last five years. Please do NOT wait to purchase your yearbook if you are concerned about a sell-out.  Here are the deadlines for this year: 

Last day to buy a book : TBD

Last day to choose personalization: TBD

Last day to purchase recognition ads TBD


What personalization/extras can I purchase with my yearbook?

Jostens has many extras for purchase with your yearbook. Add-ons include personalization, pens, autograph pages, and protective covers. The deadline for personalization TBD.


How do I know if we have already ordered a yearbook or not?

If you ordered online, please check your email first for a confirmation.  If you do not find one, feel free to email or call the yearbook adviser.


What should I do if we move or my child will be absent from school when yearbooks are distributed?

If you are moving and have already purchased a yearbook, please let the office know about your yearbook order and provide them with a mailing address.  If your child will be absent when yearbooks are distributed, please let the office know and your child's yearbook will be set aside for pick-up.


How can I recognize my 8th grader in the yearbook?

The deadline for recognition ads has been extendedTBD


Please contact Mrs. Parks, Yearbook Adviser, at if you have any further questions or concerns about your child's yearbook order.


Laura Parks

650-637-4880 ex: 1635

ELA 7 and Yearbook