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Our goal is to positively educate students into developing their whole being: mentally, physically, and socially. Students are taught to respect one another, work as a team, and always give whole-hearted effort. Learning is ideal when students are given clear expectations and provided with the opportunity of discovery and new experiences.

Objectives - we are extremely proud of the Ralston P.E program and our students that are a part of it. The curriculum and instructional methods are based in part on striving for the following objectives:

1. To increase knowledge and skill in sports, games, and leisure activities that can be carried on for a lifetime.

2. To understand the principles of movement and be able to apply that understanding to new movements.

3. To develop physical fitness: strength and endurance.

4. To develop social skills that encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive interpersonal relationships.

5. To develop general body management skills such as balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility.

6. To strive to meet the California State Standards for fitness in the following areas: Cardiovascular, upper body - strength, and flexibility.


Students learn how much sugar is in some of their favorite beverages and how this excessive sugar can affect their body. 


The Gold Trunks Program is designed to reward and encourage students to develop strength and endurance.

Students are tested on two separate dates. Upon passing four different fitness criteria, students are issues a pair of gold mesh trunks. These trunks are a symbol of hard work and dedication.

Students who meet the standards all three years are given reversible black and gold mesh trunks and will be recognized at the end of the year. Ralston students take a lot of pride in earning the gold trunks.


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Physical Education

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Physical Education