After School Sports

Fall 2023/24 Sports Sign Ups

Below is the link for sign ups for Girls Volleyball and Cross Country. Golf is no longer offered due to schools in our league dropping out.

Girls Volleyball Sign Ups

Cross Country Sign Ups

Volleyball Try Out Dates

8th Grade Wed August 23rd 12:30-1:45 and Thursday August 24th 3:15-4:30

6th Grade  Wed August 23rd 3:15-4:30 and Thursday August 24th 4:45-6

7th Grade  Wed August 23rd 4:45-6 and Thursday August 24th 6:15-7:30


All athletes must have their parent or guardian read and sign the online concussion protocol form before participating in after school sports. The form only needs to be signed once a year regardless of how many sports the athlete is participating in.

Click the link to read and sign the concussion protocol form.



If my child makes a team, when will practices and games be? The game schedule is usually posted a week before the season starts. Practices are determined by the coach so it is too early to determine the time commitment. If your child plays more than one sport that would take away from the commitment to the Ralston team then you may want to reconsider.


Are there costs associated with after school sports?

School Force donations lay the foundation for the after school sports program to function. Beyond that there are many expenses that include referees, coaches, facilities, equipment, score keepers, and occasionally uniforms. The budget varies depending on the sport and is heavily dependent on donations. There will be a recommended donation (website link will be provided). If you choose to pay more or less, than you must contact Deborah Blackwell at to arrange a meeting to finalize registration. Players may not play in a scheduled game until the registration process is complete.


If you are interested in coaching please contact Deborah Blackwell ( to get information on fingerprinting and background check.

Visit the Art Davis League site for up to date information on schedules, scores, and more.

Ralston has an active After School Sports Program that emphasizes participation and sportsmanship.  This program is operated by joint agreement between Ralston School and the Belmont Parks and Recreation Department.  Participation in this program is a privilege.  Academic and behavioral standards are as follows:

If a student receives a one-day suspension, that notice serves as a warning regarding his/her participation in the after school sports program.  Should that student receive another suspension, he/she will be immediately ineligible for continued participation during that particular after-school sport season.


Students who are not participating in the sports program or who are ineligible for participation may not “hang around” the gym, playground, or field after school.  Be sure to listen to announcements regarding team games and practices.  If a student is not on a team, then he/she should go directly home after school. 


School dismisses at 3:03 p.m.  All students are to be off campus by 3:25 p.m.


Athletic Director:  Deborah Blackwell at ext. 1674 or



Fall Sports

Volleyball, Cross Country,

Winter Sports

7th & 8th Grade Basketball (Mid December- Late January), 6th Grade Basketball

Spring Sports

Tennis, Track & Field

Boys Volleyball, Soccer


Deborah Blackwell

(650) 637-4880 ex: 1674

Physical Education